Beautiful minimal graphics by an designer I stumbled across online, called Albert Exergian - check out his site for more examples of his work.

The Evolution of a Career in Advertising

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Amazing Ads #2 - food theme

The first series of ads proved pretty popular so I’ll be blogging more on a regular basis. Here are some food/drink related posters as found via the Chillout Point website. Sadly none of these were credited with the agency/designer behind them.





"Pint of beer £4.50, 50 litres of fresh water £1.50"


"Handbag £32, food for a week £4"




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So today I stumbled across this blog. At first it looked like the usual blog by a designer. And then I began scrolling.

Somehow, each post is a central floating image each with its own fixed bacground which reveals itself as it scrolls. it’s almost like each post is its own site within one page of the blog. And the outcome? INCREDIBLE. I have no idea how it’s done and the mystery itself is as satisfying as the look. I’m in awe, go look.

Typefaces by Moustache

Typefaces by Moustache

Really cute little poster I stumbled across today. Personally I think Mr Baskerville would be the best date.

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Beautiful photography i stumbled across today. Serene and optimistic.
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I’m a big fan of incorrect/shabby signage (as I’m sure you’ll discover) and this one made me chuckle.
Subtly implying that knitting is “mega” through the power of a sharpie and a sheet of A4? It’s definitely threatening the whole advertising industry as we know it…
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The Dangers of Web Design

Hilarious and scarily accurate comic display of the web design process.

and then it all goes wrong…